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A Place to Learn-Engage-Connect focusing on Sonoran Desert Biodiversity, Education, and Conservation.

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Check out the photos from the Fall Plant Sale last week on Facebook. Thanks for all your help making it another successful fundraiser.

ABOUT CNUW AND ITS MISSION                                                                                                                                    The Center for Native and Urban WIldlife (CNUW) was developed by the College’s Life Science faculty in 2000. CNUW was built into the framework of the Biology Department to pursue a mission of:

  1. Educating people about the importance of conserving desert habitats and its                                          biodiversity.
  2. Maintaining, enhancing and restoring public and private open spaces to benefit native and               urban biodiversity.   
  3. Providing opportunities for individuals and groups to contribute to the                                                    recovery, preservation and study of the Sonoran Desert.

COME JOIN US!                                                                                                                                                                                           CNUW has created a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities for SCC students interested in conservation biology, restoration ecology, wildlife biology, ecological research and elementary education.

          The community may choose from many distinct learning experiences involving collaborative activities for students, staff and faculty from many different campus departments, local and state agencies. These activities enable learners to achieve lifelong educational, professional, and personal goals and include:     

  • Butterfly Banding Project
  • 4th Grade Biodiversity Tours                                            
  • Solitary Bee Diversity Studies
  • Campus Bird Surveys
  • Field Trips
  • Native Seed Germination Studies
  • Desert Restoration Projects

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!                                                                                                                          CNUW is about students and we need your help! Find out ways to get involved, make a positive impact have fun and meet new friends.

Please contact Edward Weigand at

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