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About CNUW and its Mission

The Center for Native and Urban Wildlife (CNUW) was developed by the College’s Life Science faculty in 2000. CNUW was built into the framework of the Biology Department to pursue a mission of:

  1. Educating people about the importance of conserving desert habitats and its biodiversity.
  2. Maintaining, enhancing and restoring public and private open spaces to benefit native and urban plants and animals.
  3. Providing opportunities for individuals and groups to contribute to the recovery, preservation and study of the Sonoran Desert

What We Do!

The Center for Native & Urban Wildlife is here for students and people to gain knowledge about conservation and help preserve and restore our Sonoran Desert.

Some of the Center for Native & Urban Wildlife projects include restoration work at Brown’s Ranch in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve along with projects which include butterfly surveys, small mammal surveys and plant research at the preserve.

A great opportunity for students is to get involved is to join The Central Arizona Conservation Society of Conservation Biology (CACSCB). They have many types of volunteer and paid internships available. Check out their website

CNUW projects on campus include bird surveys, a phenology research, and development of new technology for people to learn more about our campus habitat. Becoming a member of eBird and iNaturalist are great ways to help contribute to Citizen Science and enjoy our campus biodiversity.

Citizen Science is an important way to help research and protect the biodiversity that exists here on campus and around the globe. Be Part of the Solution!

eBird  |  iNaturalist 

How to Help!

CNUW has created a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities for SCC students interested in conservation biology, restoration ecology, wildlife biology, ecological research and elementary education. Follow us on Facebook, bookmark our website (

“Be Part of the Solution” and meet some like minded people.
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