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The Center for Native and Urban Wildlife facilities and website would not have been possible without considerable support from many local community organizations. In particular we would like to thank the following organizations, to which we owe our deepest gratitude:

The Nina Mason Pulliam Trust
The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy
The Desert Foothills Land Trust
Arizona Game & Fish Department
The Riparian Institute
The Liberty Wildlife Foundation
The City of Scottsdale, Arizona

Thank You to Everyone Who Has Contributed to CNUW 2000 ~ 2017


Dr. John Weser (2014 – present)
Russ Haughey (2010-2013)
Roy A. Barnes (2003-2010)
Virginia Korte (2000-2003)

Special “Toady Awards” (April 24, 2003)

Mike Demlong
Ray Leimkuhler (SCC student)
Megan Mosby
Dr. Irwin Noyes
Tyler Peterson (SCC student)
Carol Schatt
Vicki Wolf


Jim Evans (environmental education)
Gretchen Ishler (environmental education)
Michaela Morris (animal and plant care)
Greg Skrivanek (plant care)
Paul B. Walters (facilities care)
Liberty Wildlife Foundation (environmental education)


Charleen Blanford
Molly Corral (née Lamm)
Andrew Cummings
Adrianna DeFranco
Kathleen Grigg
Cheryl Kerivan
Ray Leimkuehler
Patricia Quinn-Ortiz
Jean Rigden

Artists – Toad Hall & Hall of Biodiversity Past

Joanne Battershall (Toad Hall quilt of native animals)
Kathy Farnsworth (Toad Hall animal sketches)
Ray Leimkuehler (Toad Hall mural)
Johanna Pluntke (Toad Hall mural)
Michael Schutz (dinosaur mural)


Roy A. Barnes
Andrew Cummings
Dr. Barbara Fahey
John Fitzpatrick
Chanda Kim
Dr. John Nagy
Krya Perry
Jean Rigden
Dr. John Weser

Restoration Work

Natalie Case
Andrew Cummings
Stacy Fisher (née Pratt)
Christopher Kolstad
Ray Leimkuehler
Meg White
Thomas Williams

Writers – Website

Roy A. Barnes
Molly Corral (née Lamm)
Andrew Cummings
Adrianna DeFranco
Xanthe Hallman (née Skjelfjord)
Jean Rigden
Ivette Vargas

Writers – Newsletter

Roy A. Barnes
Molly Corral (née Lamm)
Adrianna DeFranco
Stacy Fisher (née Pratt)
Kathleen Grigg
Xanthe Hallman (née Skjelfjord)

Office Administrators (starting with most recent)

Ed Weigand (2011 – present)
Tyler Raspiller (2010)
Emma Olsen (2008-2010)
Xanthe Hallman (née Skjelfjord) (2006-2008)
Stacy Fisher (née Pratt) (2004-2006)
Mark Harding (2000-2003)