Phenolgy Observations: Phenology refers to the key seasonal changes in plants and animals from year to year. Become a Citizen Scientist in your region. It easy and fun and provides important data for scientist studying the dramatic changes taking place in plants and animals. Check out Natures Notebook online and sign up to be a observer.

Solitary Bee Studies: We are currently in the process of developing bee posts to embark on studies that observe the interaction of solitary bees with their nesting environments.

Native Propagation: Growing native plants and trees to help with restoration of lands on and off campus.

Burrowing Owl Nests: Students observe burrowing owl pairs on campus, and make-sure artificial burrows are habitable. Burrowing Owls (-Owl Cam Testing Link)

Bird Surveys: A variety of bird species visit the campus. With the continued observation and documentation of these species we hope to compile data on when these birds visit and what plant life they prefer.

Pollination Studies: Along with the solitary bees, many other important pollinators exist in the Sonoran desert. We make an effort to landscape with native pollinator plants and hope to diversify the ecosystem here at SCC.

Click here for a Pollinators video!


Student Articles:

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“It Sounds Like Dinosaurs Flying Through The Skies

-“To The Rescue- Citizen Scientists Wanted”